Being conscious through discomfort

Hello on this winter’s day! I hope you are treating yourself to a warm cup of tea and whatever type of snack you find energizing.

Life brings us discomfort, that is for sure. Sometimes it helps to have some words of encouragement to help find your way through difficult experiences.

I wanted to share this insightful article passed on to me by a dear friend, about the presence of discomfort: 16 uncomfortable feelings that actually indicate you're on the right path.

What can discomfort tell us?

When treated with curiosity and self-kindness, becoming mindful of your discomfort can allow it to become a tool for heart & soul growth.

I like the section that speaks about discomfort as a sign that something in your life is asking to be recognized.

What is calling for your consciousness right now? I invite you to show it some love today 💜

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