5 books to sip a summer cocktail with

5 books to sip a summer cocktail with:   The colour of tea Hannah Tunicliffe

  • The mastery of love Ruiz
  • A gorgeous sense of hope Magenta
  • Enneagram for the spirit Mary Horsley
  • The captain's verses Pablo Neruda
  • These are some of my fave books.

Colour of Tea is a delectable journey into the wonders of macarons, tea, and touching friendships. Very well written and a delightfully smooth read!

The mastery of love is filled with insights about learning to love and embrace yourself and share a loving energy in the world.  Good for reading in small bites or for an evening with a lemon zinger drink!

A gorgeous sense of hope was a gift from a great friend, and it makes me smile a lot. Hand crafted drawings and heartfelt sayings.

Enneagram for the spirit I love this book! Looking inward, but not in a cumbersome way. It opened my eyes to understanding my personality 'profile' and how it meets and greets the different people in my life. Looks at how you respond when stressed, or when happy and secure.

The captain's verses. Neruda...need I say more?  Evocative poetry about life's travels, love, and celebrating the senses. Yum!

Happy reading in the sunshine, or under a shady tree!