7 ways to re-energize your holiday season

Starting to feel the busy energy of the holiday season coming up? If you're wanting to shift the way you live during this high-activity month, check out Karyn and Dr Carmen's workshop:

7 ways to re-energize your holiday season

Tools to release stress and nourish balance

Create a herbal wellness kit to keep or gift

Dr Carmen Tanaka is an insightful Naturopath who supports people to reach their health goals. She is full of vitality and I enjoy being in her presence!

For myself, working with groups is delightful. I appreciate seeing people make discoveries and come alive in ways they haven't experienced before. I help others find ways of being creative  in how they approach a stressful or energy draining situation.

Connect. Learn. Nourish.  That's what our afternoon of re-energizing is all about.

Nov 29th from 1.30 -4 pm

at Heartwood Community Café, 317 East Broadway in Vancouver.  Cost: $35.

Please register with Dr. Carmen via email at: Carmen@drcarmentanaka.com