A soft place to land

A soft place to land. That's how I felt when spending time with a good friend recently. I felt such freedom in sharing about life in the kind of conversation where there was no critique, simply an ease in being together and receiving what each other had to say.  Laughter, compassion and a genuine delight in each other was what made the evening so liberating. That is good soul food. Nowto look a little further into what helps create this kind of safety.

It is so enjoyable when we feel comfortable in speaking as we need to, and we know that it is okay- our words have a soft place to land within us and within the other person.

Here are a few thoughts on what cultivates safety between friends:

Spending time with someone when you aren't in a 'perfectly' grounded frame of mind. When that person receives you as you are, with kindness and patience- that builds a strong bond.

Ability to let go and trust that you are a valuable friend, and that you have greatness to offer the friendship.

Opening your heart and mind to being delighted. Finding new things to appreciate about another person can really strengthen your closeness. And I also think that when you find joy in a friend, you are practicing the art of joy towards yourself too! This is about learning to appreciate yourself every day, in some small way, and to take in the wonder of life around you.

Being present. Making regular contact important. When you find little ways to be in touch with that person, both of you have a sense of what is happening in eachother's lives. And you will likely both feel loved when the other makes an effort to be present.

Wishing you a soft place to land, as you make connections out there in the world, and as you resonate in new ways with your own heart and mind.