Being awake

The other morning I asked myself -'What might help me be more awake as I move through my day?' A bit of self- research. I found that simply being curious about my level of awareness allowed me to notice lots of small details- The intricate colouring of blossoms, the way shadows meet light on the sidewalk, the feeling of my steps meeting the ground. I was able to pause and notice the moments I was breathing easily, and when I held my breath for a second when I was facing a challenging situation.

Giving myself a fuller freedom to take small pauses boosted my energy level too! I could reflect on what I was needing in that micro-moment. My body responded... that tight place in my neck held less crunchy tension, and moved with more ease.

More ease- that  phrase spoke profoundly to me, and  I embraced it as a mantra for daily life. I am inviting more ease into my day. Yes!! That is a kind of wakefulness, for me.

'Never lose hope, my heart, miracles dwell in the invisible'   -Rumi