Balancing time for loved ones AND self

What does a typical week look like for you? You may find yourself feeling really busy,
running from work to errands and back home to take care of your kids or get the house in order. Between the demands of staying in touch with family and friends, pursuing career dreams, and trying to stay active in your hobbies, life can begin to stretch you in what feels like too many directions! Here is your invitation: Get clear on what energizes you, and nurture that more. (As much as you possibly can!)

    1. Make a list of everything you normally do in a week. Put a star beside the activities that bring you joy or inspiration. Those are your happy grooves:) Hint: that is when you feel the most relaxed, fulfilled, and  glad to be alive.
    2. Pick 3 happy groove things you can do on a more regular basis, such as taking your time (not rushing) when getting from 1 activity to another.
    3. Commit to doing something uplifting EVERY DAY
    4. Pour loving thoughts into your new commitment  (one happy groove thing each day).

Create a balance between respecting your own needs and showing love to your people ❤        This balance acknowledges that your loved ones are super important to you, and ALSO remembers that your energy reserves need refilling on a regular basis. It is not selfish or indulgent to fill your own cup.. in fact, it's vital to having healthy, beautiful connections!
The more you get in tune with what recharges your batteries, the more you will feel able to have meaningful conversations and spend quality time with your loved ones. You'll have greater reserves of patience, generosity, and positive energy to draw upon.