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The call of your intention

As the fresh morning air starts to hint at the approach of autumn, I am grateful for the great, positive energy I've soaked in from the beauty of summer these past few months. Though there were certainly times of heart reflection, growth, and challenge this last while- I feel a sense of lightness embrace me as I take in and mull over this abundance of gratitude. I have been continuing to learn, and practicing wellness, as author Mary Anne encourages below:

“Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen Hard. Practice wellness. Play with abandon. Laugh. Choose with no regret. Appreciate your friends. Continue to learn. Do what you love. Live as if this is all there is.”

-Mary Anne Radmacher

Which of these invitations will you take up for yourself?  At the Visionboard events this fall, you will have opportunity to embrace many of these things, like the call to: Choose with no regret. Do what you love. Live with intention.

Join us on September 16 from 6:30-9:30 pm or October 17 from 1-4pm  for three hours of fun, freedom, and inspired creativity! You will create your own visual map of your dreams, what excites you, and where you want to bring more intentional, positive energy into your life.

Please Email to reserve your spot:, or call 778 708 8966. Investment in your wellness: $39.


7 ways to re-energize your holiday season

Starting to feel the busy energy of the holiday season coming up? If you're wanting to shift the way you live during this high-activity month, check out Karyn and Dr Carmen's workshop:

7 ways to re-energize your holiday season

Tools to release stress and nourish balance

Create a herbal wellness kit to keep or gift

Dr Carmen Tanaka is an insightful Naturopath who supports people to reach their health goals. She is full of vitality and I enjoy being in her presence!

For myself, working with groups is delightful. I appreciate seeing people make discoveries and come alive in ways they haven't experienced before. I help others find ways of being creative  in how they approach a stressful or energy draining situation.

Connect. Learn. Nourish.  That's what our afternoon of re-energizing is all about.

Nov 29th from 1.30 -4 pm

at Heartwood Community Café, 317 East Broadway in Vancouver.  Cost: $35.

Please register with Dr. Carmen via email at:

Sharing your voice


To me, sharing your voice is about allowing others to see the wisdom, understanding, stories, questions, and the beauty of who you are.  A less-filtered you  than you might be used to showing at work, in public, or among family and friends. This takes some courage and an intention to live with freedom in who you are, believing that you DO have something great to offer in the world.     

Voice can be shared in many ways, such as: Answering honestly when you're asked 'how are you'; sharing an opinion that is different than the group of people you're in conversation with; wearing colours that you feel good in, regardless of what the 'best' shades are for you; writing a note to tell someone you miss them; speaking up about an unfair policy in your workplace. Voice is about expressing your song in the world, your unique sense of what life is, in all its mystery, amazingness and sorrow. 

I invite your voice to be bold in its coming forth.   

This beautiful poem by Sally Atkins speaks to me of how extending your voice can be quiet and yet powerful in its subtle existence.  I hope this encourages you to honour the stories alive in you, the voice that is you, your beauty.

The Imperative of Song

You who have only heard

The sound of tension

From your throat,

Know that the ancient ones

Mapped their land by song.

To sing is to get somewhere;

Know that song

is your incarnation,

Whether an aria

A prayer

Or a single word.

To speak from the inside out

Is to witness

To your own humanity.


The heartbeat

Of an ancient beast

Moves through you.

You can only listen

And love it,

And weep,

The sound

Of your own voice

Singing.    -Sally Atkins


How can the arts have an impact in the world?

How can the arts have an impact in the world? It might be the quest for inspiration outside of our usual ways of thinking and acting as live each day. It could be the transforming force that gets kick-started when we access another part of our brains and create. I was enlivened, inspired, delighted in a conversation today, as the person beside me exclaimed 'I think the arts will change the world!'  To this my heart responded with a resounding YES! As more individuals, communities, professional groups and families become receptive to how living with imagination can open up remarkable possibilities, small shifts are happening. The harnessing of creativity as its own life force is a powerful thing.

How have you been impacted, influenced, encouraged by some form of art and creativity?

7 Ways to CONNECT and boost your energy for the fall

Join us for CONNECT, a free and fabulous talk on how connecting with your creative side can greatly boost your energy levels, and inspire you to engage with new possibilities in your life.

Saturday Oct 25th, 10.30-11.30 am. #203-4381 Fraser Street at 28th Ave in Vancouver.

How can you connect? 7 ways to boost your energy this fall:   Place in any order you'd like.....

Pause and try some relaxation breathing for 3 minutes.

Spend 10 minutes each morning doing free-flow writing, where you don't edit anything (!)

Stretch your arms, neck and shoulders when you first wake up, to get the circulation moving.

Post quotes on your mirror that inspire you with an encouraging message. (love notes to yourself)

Try wearing bright colours to see how they affect your energy level

Thank yourself for something terrific you've done today

Say no to something that feels like too much        

Wishing you moments of inspiration in your day!   KD