Create your own Visionboard

Wow, isn't it awesome that Spring has fully arrived here in Vancouver?! I am feeling such gratitude for the scent of sweet blossoms in the air, for the chance to look up and see gorgeous blue sky, and for the extended daylight hours. I am especially drawn to the dark pink magnolias. Their elegant blooms are punctuated by fuzzy stems and on the whole, they have the most interesting shape too. Magnolias are very powerful in that they symbolize dignity; loyalty; perseverance; and feminine strength.

Where could you benefit from perseverance in your life?

In this season of new growth, I look forward to leading a Visionboard workshopon April 30th. It will be held in the fantastic Mt.Pleasant neighbourhood, at Yoga on 7th. The investment for your self-care is $50.

What you will receive from this session:

Support in discovering what matters most to you. More clarity on what your dreams and goals are. Renewed inspiration to create more positive energy in your life. FUN! A spirit of playfulness and confidence. An experience of community among like-minded people.

No skill or experience in art making is necessary.  I look forward to meeting you in person and giving you tools to create your visual map!

Here is the event on Facebook, to share with your networks:

Visionboards: bringing alive your dreams

Have you thought lately about what makes you EXCITED? The things that bring you feelings of gratitude, contentment, inspiration, aliveness ... These very things we are inviting to take a front-and-centre position in your life! On June 13th I will be leading a group of heart explorers into the territory of their own dreams. In a supportive, fun, interactive and reflective environment you will create a visual map that represents the dreams and desires you are further manifesting in your life.

Why a Visionboard?

Courage.  Discovery.  Next steps. Revitalization.

Email me to register.The cost is $39 for a worthy investment in your well-being. Location: Sacred Space Yoga on 4th Avenue in Kitsilano.

Best wishes for this week ahead,


Fall series: Restoring Radiance

floating lightRestoring RadianceRestoring Radiance Wanting to Boost your energy and connect more fully with yourself ?

Men and women of all ages are invited to join us for Restoring Radiance, a four- part series to explore:

sources of hope

ways to release strain and stress

ways to notice what you need on life's journey

what makes you feel alive

4 Saturdays: Sept 20, Oct 18, Nov 15, and Dec 13 from 3-5 pm at 1000 Rivers Academy, 54  East 4th Avenue near Main Street.

A welcoming, bright community space! Karyn is pleased to be hosting the group here.

Cost: $165  Register with Karyn: or call 778.708.8966

“You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”   -Maya Angelou




Fall series:Restoring Radiance

Join us for an inspiring, interactive series this autumn!

Restoring Radiance

Connect    Discover    Release stress

4-part series to explore:

  • Creativity, sources of hope, becoming more aware in daily life
  • Being gentle with yourself, tuning into your needs and dreams


4 Saturdays from Sept-Dec, 2014, 3-5 pm.  Sept 20, Oct 18, Nov 15, and Dec 13.

Cost: $165

Men and women of all ages are welcome!

Register with Karyn: 778.708.8966E:

'Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life'   -Rumi

I look forward to welcoming you for a supportive, rejuvenating group!  -KD