Heart Boosters

What creativity can mean to you

An inspiring quote for today: 'Creativity is more than just being different. Anybody can plan weird; that’s easy. What’s hard is to be as simple as Bach. Making the simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity' Charles Mingus


Letting simplicity be as it is takes courage. There is a quiet boldness in simplicity that holds a lot of power. Being forthright and pared down about how you share your ideas & preferences; your choice of food or clothing- these are ways to be creative while embracing the beauty of simplicity.

How are you embodying simplicity in your life right now? I would be glad to hear from you! Feel free to comment here, or email me at: connect@refresharts.com

One book I  find creative inspiration in reading is SARK's Eat Mangoes Naked.  I also appreciate My Life Pages by Janet Conner.

Happy creating !

Re-connecting with your inner creativity

'Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up'. -Pablo Picasso

Here's one way you can re-connect with your inner creativity: Buy a grown up colouring book, with mandalas in it, or any kind of drawings that you can spend time filling in. There are simple illustrations or more complex designs- choose what appeals most to you (That will be what you're needing right now). Studies have shown that the mind naturally goes into relaxation mode whille colouring, allowing the issues on your mind to take a background seat. Get a pack of pencil crayons, and explore your creativity by using various colours, or choosing the shades that feel most calming to you. There are lots of colouring book options at Chapters and Banyen books in Vancouver.  www.banyen.com You can also print your own mandala through this site: http://www.printmandala.com/

I hope you enjoy re-connecting with your own creative possibility! It is yours to celebrate, explore, and have fun with. I also wish youa few glorious moments to relax and feel restored as you colour. It is a fantastic way to spend time:)

Being in the moment

Hello everyone, As fall emerges more strongly here in #Vancouver, I feel myself starting to move into a different kind of consciousness. More quiet me-time, warm soups, and a light sweater while going for a walk. I am drawn to write and process my thoughts on paper even more than to be out in the world all the time.

Here are some inspiring thoughts about learning to be more in the moment, and present to an energy that allows us to stay in the flow of life. ‪


What can you appreciate in your life right now?




Reducing stress

Today's post is about noticing what stress feels like and looks like for you, and finding little yet important ways to reduce stress and nurture positive energy.

'You are the world's leadingauthority on yourself. You know best what stresses you, and what reduces the stress. This inner wisdom is based on a lifetime of living your life from the inside out. It is available to you anytime you care to consult it'.
-Matthew McKay + Patrick Fanning

Tending to self

To start, I encourage you to make a habit this week of noticing when you're becoming stressed. Simply paying attention to your own signals of tension can be a terrific first step in feeling less stress by naming it. Oh, there it is.  Is there tension in your head + neck ... your tummy or gut ... your back ... ?   Do you become less patient with unexpected issues ... Do you feel rushed and irritated?

Giving ourselves permission to pause and notice what we're feeling is an act of kindness that can go a long way in befriending our own experience.

Next, try doing something for 5 minutes that feels uplifting, such as walking quickly, singing to yourself, petting your cat, or taking pictures outside. Now, what do you feel in the areas of your body that were previously tense?

Getting curious about your moments of stress and their manifestations can be the first step in making them less weighty. They may not loom as large when they are seen + felt in the moment, tended to.

The Daily Relaxer book, as quoted above



Heart movement

How the heart moves The way we love is movement, collaboration, evolution. We become more expansive as we risk letting beauty, closeness with another, and new experiences enter our lives. Each of these actions represents heart movement, as you learn what it looks like to go outside your emotional comfort zone, either a little or quite significantly. To me, each act of learning is something to celebrate, as you keep walking the pathway of love and discovery, in the ways that are important for you right now.

A neat way to see how your heart and mind are growing is to keep a box full of quotes that you write down. You can include thoughts and inspirations you're having, quotations you've read, and things people in your life have told you. Make it your intention to write a note every day, and look them over once a week. I think of it as mini love notes to yourself.

I wish you some ahh-hah moments and smiles as you have fun with your treasure box of notes. 

Keep your connection with love: in kindness towards yourself, in the love you show dear people in your life, in the very goodness you notice  in those around you.

A neat post on why kindness is a good thing all around: www.mindbodygreencom/0-6445/5-reasonstobekind