Courage and clarity

Courage. Clarity of heart. Cultivation.  Qualities that help when life feels difficult or your heart is weighted down. 1.  Courage to stay open, when closing down feels safer. Courage to ask questions that don't have immediate answers.

2. Clarity on something that you care about. It might seem like a small thing today-such as having warm meals that make you feel cozy, or music that reminds you of a place you love.

3. Cultivating kindness for yourself by remembering  a person or animal that makes you smile.

There are discouraging days, complex situations to walk through, and spinning thoughts that fuel negativity or anxiety. Even through these times, can you see what you are gifted in doing as a person? Or being?

Wishing you courage to look within for the gifts that you bring to the world. To cultivate appreciation for yourself, no matter what the world might be saying. The word cultivate holds powerful meaning in its imagery of cultivating the earth, harvesting food that nourishes body and spirit.

“We must have perserverence and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something. ”  -Marie Curie