Curiosity opens doors

I find that curiosity is a remarkable quality in humans. Since childhood, how often do you allow yourself to dwell in curiosity; to simply take a moment to marvel at something in nature, or to spend unrestricted time exploring and really getting into an activity you enjoy?

Let yourself open to being curious.

What is sparking your curiosity these days? Maybe you're looking back with a sense of wonder at choices you made this year; or you're seeing how far you've come in your relationships and career. It may be that you've wanted to take up pottery or dance, or become part of a book club to open your reading horizons.

Staying curious is a fabulous way to keep your heart open to new possibilities- to aspects of yourself and life that you may not have gotten to fully appreciate yet.
In my work with clients, one of the things I can help you with is being present-and curious about what is happening within your inner world, as well as navigating everyday life in a way that is more in tune with who you are.