Every form of progress counts

It's time to toot your own horn, in a healthy and self-loving kind of way!
When was the last time you appreciated your successes, even the small ones? Progress can include simple things like becoming aware of a habit you'd like to change... Or taking steps towards a dream you have, even if you have fear around it. Seeking to keep progressing in your life is a fantastic aim to have, and I am here to help you see when and where it's happening.

I encourage you to share what you've been doing, at work, in your home, with any sort of project or group you're part of. Start the conversation with a trusted friend, or write about your progress in a journal. Spend at least 10 minutes writing, without editing your words, and include everything...  not only the  projects or goals you've completely finished:) This will help you to see that you ARE making progress, even in small steps.
I would be glad to hear how your progress tracking goes.