Forgiveness says the lily

IMG_20140717_135827Tiger Lilies Always earth holds another

forgiveness at its center:

and tiger lilies splinter


cold air for their own colors,

like teeth or smooth young shoulders,

or the ears that tradewinds bother.

-Jonathan Aldrich

Tiger lilies are intricate in their center, in the way they stand upright and brightly coloured for so long before suddenly their dropping centre piece down. A bold letting go.  Dark purple fuzzy plant stuff everywhere- wow!

For me this image of  a tiger lily conjures a beautiful concept of the boldness involved in forgiveness: The mental reach it can take to let go of a careless word or action from someone you hold dear; the wildly courageous act of being in close connection with others, where we take the risk of being wounded, disappointed, or misunderstood.

Sometimes holding a posture of graceful letting go shows strength of heart.