Fresh summer brews

I am VERY much in the mood for all things refreshing & cool: Ginger beer, gelato, iced chocolate with melted dark chocolate (yes!),  cool wind on my face, bare feet in the grass. Rejuvenation, flow, release. The things of summertime joy for me.

Honey Lemon Tea is a Blog that focuses on comfort, healthy living, and green beauty ideas:

Honey Lemon Tea a prime choice for those days when you have a sore throat or feel a little under the weather.   It soothes an achy throat, gives you a needed dose of Vitamin C and even if you’re not sick it’s still a comforting treat.   It gives us the perfect blend of flavor, health and sweet nostalgia.  From

It's time to switch from hot tea to iced beverages, and I am excited about makinghoney ginger iced tea. I keep cold drinks in a glass pitcher for an invigorating sip!  Ingredients I use: Grated ginger root, a fairly dark local honey, squeeze of fresh lemon. Experiment with the amounts of ginger & sweetness that you prefer.

Happy summer to you!