Exploring the world

I was inspired while reading Paris Letters recently, which re-connected me with how much I love exploring other cultures around the world. The smell of dinner wafting up the street, choices of different local wines, encountering live music in the streets, seeing the way families interact with eachother, the eyes of children that mirror something about the place you are in. Mmm! I enjoy this kind of immersion in a land that is not my own, yet where my heart is open to feeling the spirit, the resonance, the pace and particular character. 'We must find places to explore in this world, but also places to rest'.  -Janice MacLeod    Yes, it is certainly life-giving to go on marvelous adventures that bring a different spark to our souls; yet when we are not out there exploring are we able to relax into everyday life where we are, at home? I have several favourite places in my neighbourhood that I go to for a mini holiday of sorts. Places where I can sit and breathe, take in the beauty of nature around me, and pause from needing to recall any schedules or task lists.

What are some of your favourite places to explore around the world? In your city?