Gentle persistence

Yin yoga has become a form of movement I really appreciate. It guides me in connecting with my body's need for stillness, and warms me up slowly, coaxing my body to expand in the places that hold tension. While attending a new yoga class recently, I was touched by the teacher's encouragement to engage in the postures with gentle persistence.  She spoke calmly  about staying present as the body relaxed, inviting us to open and release through a series of movements. I found it a deliciously intense experience, settling into with an ahhh feeling, after allowing the initial discomforts to lead me into another experience, a more restful stance. I kept breathing while noticing the tightness and slight aches, staying in the posture long enough to discover circulation changes- my body felt these mini transformations as areas of blocked energy were set free. I re-connected with myself, discovering a rejuvenated curiosity about how I experience areas of my body- in- motion.

In what other areas of life can we move with gentle persistence? In  close relationships where we learn to negotiate and understand the other more fully...  In seeking a dream that we're making little steps towards....  In letting go of disappointment, embracing tiny moments of awareness...

You are welcome to share comments on how you've explored persistence in your life. I would love to hear about it:)