Giving yourself a mini holiday

Does having a mini holiday sound appealing right now? The thought of having a break from the often-hectic season of December strikes a chord with many.

Some look forward to the festive gatherings, the bright lights and decorations, exchanging gifts and singing along to carols. For others, life has brought about changes or losses that stir feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, sorrow or lack of ease during the holidays.

And still yet, you might embrace some aspects of celebrating the holiday spirit, while experiencing sadness about dear ones you've lost, dreams that haven't come to be, or conflict in the family.    Wherever you are, here is your invitation to pause and give yourself a mini holiday.  I am a BIG fan of taking little breaks to nourish the soul!

Ways to take a mini holiday:   Pay attention to what makes you smile, or breathe a little easier:)

Make a playlist of your favourite songs and take them on a walk in your neighbourhood. Give yourself the freedom to stop and notice small details around you, like beautiful trees, the scent of the fresh air, or a child riding their bike.

Pull out a vacation photo album and make yourself a cup of tea as you remember some great moments.

Discover a cafe in town that you've never been to, and bring a lighthearted book with you to enjoy as you take in the ambiance. People watching with book in hand can be a lot of fun.

Invite a good friend to go on a surprise outing together. If they're up for choosing the location, even better!

Be gentle with yourself for all the things you 'should' do. Pay attention to what your inner voice is telling you about what feels meaningful for YOU. Practice telling people no thank you when you need to protect your energy levels.


I am looking forward to some unhurried time with people I love.

And to reading some poetry, trying homemade eggnog, and letting my spirits rest. Along with some fun and laughter of course!    

What are you needing right now? Here's to pausing and giving yourself a mini holiday, in whatever ways you can.