Healing journeys

Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn't you - all of the expectations, all of the beliefs - and becoming who you are.

- Rachel Naomi Remen

Are there beliefs in your world that no longer serve you? Former beliefs may not help you get where you'd like to be- such as living with more joy, integrity, freedom, or awareness. Rediscovering what values matter to you can be a genuinely healing journey. As you shed the layers of old ideas and expectations, you make room for new goals and desires to flourish.

Today is a good day to begin the letting go process. How letting go happens can look different for everyone- whether you do that through writing it down, speaking to a friend, dancing, reorganizing your routines, being in nature … whatever your process, this truth is clear- One little step at a time, you are making your health a priority as you say YES to what gives you hope, excitement, peace, and the knowledge that you are making progress. ❣

-Karyn Davies, Registered Clinical Counsellor 

Karyn empowers clients to live with passion, authenticity, and trust. Her support enhances self-esteem and promotes a regular self-care practice, while celebrating client progress in feeling more grounded, capable, and present to life's joys and challenges.