Heart movement

How the heart moves The way we love is movement, collaboration, evolution. We become more expansive as we risk letting beauty, closeness with another, and new experiences enter our lives. Each of these actions represents heart movement, as you learn what it looks like to go outside your emotional comfort zone, either a little or quite significantly. To me, each act of learning is something to celebrate, as you keep walking the pathway of love and discovery, in the ways that are important for you right now.

A neat way to see how your heart and mind are growing is to keep a box full of quotes that you write down. You can include thoughts and inspirations you're having, quotations you've read, and things people in your life have told you. Make it your intention to write a note every day, and look them over once a week. I think of it as mini love notes to yourself.

I wish you some ahh-hah moments and smiles as you have fun with your treasure box of notes. 

Keep your connection with love: in kindness towards yourself, in the love you show dear people in your life, in the very goodness you notice  in those around you.

A neat post on why kindness is a good thing all around: www.mindbodygreencom/0-6445/5-reasonstobekind