Inner sunshine


Inner sunshine-

This is how I often think about positioning my frame of mind on those days when life feels a little crunchy. When tasks aren't going too smoothly, the skies are gloomy, and it's not the best day to wear those favourite sandals, or to even walk amongst crowds of people- I see it as a choice  to reach within and connect with the shades of sunlight that exist there. It may be feelings of joy for the children in my life, gratitude for close friendships, or simple pleasures such as sitting in my favourite chair with a book.  Giving my attention to the sunshine for me means allowing a good portion of my energy to move towards the gifts that the day is bringing. It also reminds me that as a being, I am marvelous- there are many different aspects to who I am, and each day some of those layers are shared in the world,  revived in my own awareness, called out & challenged, celebrated.

Happy journeys in discovering your shades of light....