Looking inside

Quest. Inquire. Embrace. When watching a movie recently I was inspired by the main character's wisdom about journeying inside onself:

"Look not outside for the things you want. Look inside for what you have not yet unpacked" - from An Englishman in New York.  This notion of seeking to  more fully unpack the aspects of one's inner life strikes a chord for me. I am interested in the different angles from which one might explore their own opinions, values, dreams, questions. Entire days, weeks, years could be spent looking into the rich inner world of one person.  I am learning to become more mindful of what stirs my curiosity, what lights up my sense of joy, what avenues of questioning about life I might want to delve further into.  Of course it is very human that we seek new experiences and compelling, beautiful moments- they bring even more vibrancy to life and awaken us in marvelous ways! Yet can  we also carve out a space to simply embrace and appreciate what we do have in our everyday life, and to foster a kind of contentment around the ordinary-yet-spectacular things? To notice the Beauty of the Mundane. This is a concept that captures my attention!

How are you nurturing your inner journey? Do you write in a journal, send expressive letters to a good friend, play music, go for walks and ponder, paint a canvas, sit with a cup of tea and reflect, cook to revive your spirit......

A little inspiration to keep looking inside, however you may start the process.