Sharing your voice


To me, sharing your voice is about allowing others to see the wisdom, understanding, stories, questions, and the beauty of who you are.  A less-filtered you  than you might be used to showing at work, in public, or among family and friends. This takes some courage and an intention to live with freedom in who you are, believing that you DO have something great to offer in the world.     

Voice can be shared in many ways, such as: Answering honestly when you're asked 'how are you'; sharing an opinion that is different than the group of people you're in conversation with; wearing colours that you feel good in, regardless of what the 'best' shades are for you; writing a note to tell someone you miss them; speaking up about an unfair policy in your workplace. Voice is about expressing your song in the world, your unique sense of what life is, in all its mystery, amazingness and sorrow. 

I invite your voice to be bold in its coming forth.   

This beautiful poem by Sally Atkins speaks to me of how extending your voice can be quiet and yet powerful in its subtle existence.  I hope this encourages you to honour the stories alive in you, the voice that is you, your beauty.

The Imperative of Song

You who have only heard

The sound of tension

From your throat,

Know that the ancient ones

Mapped their land by song.

To sing is to get somewhere;

Know that song

is your incarnation,

Whether an aria

A prayer

Or a single word.

To speak from the inside out

Is to witness

To your own humanity.


The heartbeat

Of an ancient beast

Moves through you.

You can only listen

And love it,

And weep,

The sound

Of your own voice

Singing.    -Sally Atkins