Great loves

Welcome to 2015! A you let go of the highs and lows, the gritty and the grand, all that was 2014 for you... What are your great loves?  What makes you stir inside with feelings of freedom,

clarity, curiosity?  I feel very much alive in:

♥ Pausing to look at the sky and breathe. At least once every day
♥ Setting an intention for the day- even a small idea of where to focus my energies is a big help
♥ Letting go of what felt not-so-great about yesterday, to make room for today`s beauty
♥Leaning into what is creative, interesting or marvelous about myself- being curious about a quality or perspective that is unique
♥ Dancing and moving to music on a regular basis
♥ Reading materials that are out of my comfort zone.... to a degree at least!

Noticing when we are out of our comfort zone feels important in cultivating a rich life. Not over-pushing oneself, feeling regret or guilt- simply noticing where you are feeling stretched can invite new awareness that both embracesyour current emotional comfort levels , and gently suggests some areas of life where you`d like to grow, learn and explore.

What are your great loves turning out to be....