Feeling nurtured with self-compassion

“Self compassion is nurturing yourself with all the kindness and love you would shower on someone you cherish”.

-Debra Reble

Picture how you interact with a close friend or much-loved family member. You listen when they need support, you remind them to take breaks and not work so hard, and you're a kind voice when they're hard on themselves. You most likely remind that friend of who they are when life feels discouraging, and you probably have a sense of humour around their quirks and human flaws.
Today's reflection:

Are you compassionate with your own imperfections, mistakes, and hard times? Today you’re invited to practice being gentle with yourself, and to notice what your habitual response to difficulty is. This week, set a reminder on your phone for midday. Pause for a minute and recall what your thoughts were when an issue or difficulty came up that morning. Were you hard on yourself? Were you compassionate or forgiving?  

"Where do you get into the trance of unworthiness, of not okay?" -Tara Brach

3 ways to build self-compassion:

❣Start the day with 1 self-appreciation. Think of a personal quality you respect or feel proud of in yourself. Say it out loud, and smile as you do it! This helps in really celebrating and owning what you've said. 

❣After a busy day, re-fill your love bank. Recall something in your day that was uncomfortable or disappointing, and acknowledge how you felt. Give yourself a hug and let the earlier disappointment melt away. 

❣Make a kindness list. Write down all the kindness and care you show loved ones. Be specific in saying what actions you take. Spend 5-10 minutes writing, then circle 2 things you could do to help you feel more okay during a hard week. This helps give you permission to show yourself TLC in ways you might not have thought about. 

Here is a 10-minute self-compassion meditation with Tara Brach, one of my favourite meditation teachers. Get comfortable and enjoy listening 💛


Karyn Davies, Registered Clinical Counsellor

Karyn empowers clients to live with passion, authenticity, and trust. Her support enhances self-esteem and promotes a regular self-care practice, while celebrating client progress in feeling more grounded, capable, and present to life's joys and challenges. 



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Being in the moment

Hello everyone, As fall emerges more strongly here in #Vancouver, I feel myself starting to move into a different kind of consciousness. More quiet me-time, warm soups, and a light sweater while going for a walk. I am drawn to write and process my thoughts on paper even more than to be out in the world all the time.

Here are some inspiring thoughts about learning to be more in the moment, and present to an energy that allows us to stay in the flow of life. ‪


What can you appreciate in your life right now?




Reducing stress

Today's post is about noticing what stress feels like and looks like for you, and finding little yet important ways to reduce stress and nurture positive energy.

'You are the world's leadingauthority on yourself. You know best what stresses you, and what reduces the stress. This inner wisdom is based on a lifetime of living your life from the inside out. It is available to you anytime you care to consult it'.
-Matthew McKay + Patrick Fanning

Tending to self

To start, I encourage you to make a habit this week of noticing when you're becoming stressed. Simply paying attention to your own signals of tension can be a terrific first step in feeling less stress by naming it. Oh, there it is.  Is there tension in your head + neck ... your tummy or gut ... your back ... ?   Do you become less patient with unexpected issues ... Do you feel rushed and irritated?

Giving ourselves permission to pause and notice what we're feeling is an act of kindness that can go a long way in befriending our own experience.

Next, try doing something for 5 minutes that feels uplifting, such as walking quickly, singing to yourself, petting your cat, or taking pictures outside. Now, what do you feel in the areas of your body that were previously tense?

Getting curious about your moments of stress and their manifestations can be the first step in making them less weighty. They may not loom as large when they are seen + felt in the moment, tended to.

The Daily Relaxer book, as quoted above



Being awake

The other morning I asked myself -'What might help me be more awake as I move through my day?' A bit of self- research. I found that simply being curious about my level of awareness allowed me to notice lots of small details- The intricate colouring of blossoms, the way shadows meet light on the sidewalk, the feeling of my steps meeting the ground. I was able to pause and notice the moments I was breathing easily, and when I held my breath for a second when I was facing a challenging situation.

Giving myself a fuller freedom to take small pauses boosted my energy level too! I could reflect on what I was needing in that micro-moment. My body responded... that tight place in my neck held less crunchy tension, and moved with more ease.

More ease- that  phrase spoke profoundly to me, and  I embraced it as a mantra for daily life. I am inviting more ease into my day. Yes!! That is a kind of wakefulness, for me.

'Never lose hope, my heart, miracles dwell in the invisible'   -Rumi