Risking honesty and finding courage

It was a great day when I first heard about Brene Brown's work. Oh my! She dares to delve into the topic of vulnerability... A courageous woman indeed! I especially appreciate one of her TED talks on vulnerability, which you can find at:  Something about Brene's down-to-earth demeanour, transparency about the process of her research, and the well- humoured pokes at her own follies captured my attention.  Her book Daring Greatly is a very thought-provoking read, as she unpacks some of the core emotions and reasoning behind our human fears. The notion of risking to connect with and to treat with gentleness, one's places of vulnerability is offered in an accessible yet rather indepth way. How terrific that authors and talented researchers are guiding us on the path in finding new ways to think about our lives. Risking honesty: Where are you risking honesty in your life, and how is that shifting the way you see things?

In my counseling and expressive arts work I am honoured to journey with others through their experiences, places of vulnerability, and unique expressions of courage. Finding courage can come about in the smallest of ways: reaching out to have a thoughtful conversation with someone, answering a question with honesty when it feels risky, taking note of what you excel at and boldly LIVING that out. I encourage clients to access a glimmer or a brightly burning flame of hope, clarity and resilience as we work together; embodying what Brene calls 'Calling deep on courage'. Simply engaging with a supportive therapeutic relationship can open up new avenues of previously unexamined capacity, courage, and wonder.

So here's to more awareness of the tender places alive in each of our stories, and to mindful, wholehearted connection with ourselves as we learn and grow.

Love letters to self

Love letters from the street:

I was thrilled to find this phrase on a brick wall in my neighbourhood. How delightful that people are creating uplifting public art!  It is a nice complement to a book I've been reading: Brene Brown's Daring Greatly. I am grateful to Brene for her consciousness around vulnerability, and for bringing this concept more into my  awareness. She is transparent about her own process of living with vulnerability, and I feel like this book is offering a way to trail blaze through my own life stories and explore them with curiosity. Or meander through them perhaps:)

This concept of vulnerability offers lots to chew on, and is prompting me to notice the moments when uncomfortable emotions arise for me, and to welcome them as normal aspects of being alive, seeing my own  own unique kind of vulnerability, as well as the common threads shared by others.

I am seeing more fully how  being a courageous, vibrant human being means encountering the layers of vulnerable feelings with a softer gaze.

This quote resonates with me:

The most valuable and important things in my life came to me when I cultivated the courage to be vulnerable, imperfect, and self-compassionate.

What  love letter will you write to yourself today?