June 7th REVIVE!


REVIVE  on Sat. June 7th . Session from 2-4 pm, with delicious nibbles & conversation afterwards. $45 per person

Adults of all ages are invited to an experiential  Expressive Arts afternoon. Join us in a supportive, respectful venue to explore: fresh perspectives, being creative and playful, connecting with others and listening to your intuition.

You are welcome to come as 1 person, or to invite a friend/ family member. This might be a delightful experience to share!

Planting the seeds of spring revival....

What move you about life?

When do you feel most alive?

Where do you notice a shifting & growing in yourself?

Loosening up the mind & body  Using art materials   Discovering your connections with  music  Letting your playful side out  Welcoming new ideas

I look forward to welcoming you and sharing a fun afternoon together.