7 Ways to CONNECT and boost your energy for the fall

Join us for CONNECT, a free and fabulous talk on how connecting with your creative side can greatly boost your energy levels, and inspire you to engage with new possibilities in your life.

Saturday Oct 25th, 10.30-11.30 am. #203-4381 Fraser Street at 28th Ave in Vancouver.

How can you connect? 7 ways to boost your energy this fall:   Place in any order you'd like.....

Pause and try some relaxation breathing for 3 minutes.

Spend 10 minutes each morning doing free-flow writing, where you don't edit anything (!)

Stretch your arms, neck and shoulders when you first wake up, to get the circulation moving.

Post quotes on your mirror that inspire you with an encouraging message. (love notes to yourself)

Try wearing bright colours to see how they affect your energy level

Thank yourself for something terrific you've done today

Say no to something that feels like too much        

Wishing you moments of inspiration in your day!   KD