Yesterday I experienced a “taste” of Expressive Art therapy using movement and drawing, expressing my inner passions.

Thank you Karyn. This was a wonderful way for me connect with self and clarify even more my life’s vision.
Colleen Wynia
Thank you for gently guiding me where I needed to go and helping me see and acknowledge the central experience of my time in England. It always amazes me what is waiting to be discovered just under the surface….since Saturday I have noticed that some energy has been released.
— C
I attended the Revive workshop with my family. We all discovered new connection points and experienced each other in beautiful new ways. Personally, I felt grateful for the creative space to explore my own personal journey and present realities. Karyn creates a very welcoming and safe environment in which to explore within and to share this with others.

On leaving, I felt much more attuned to myself and relaxed!
— Hannah
I walked into Glow Wellness Centre on Wednesday neither connected to myself or the world around me. I was very distracted. Once we got into the room( my friend L…isa came with me) we were guided thru a series of playful moments and a wonderful breathing exercise to ground us. I was a little taken aback at how quickly I felt centred. What transpired over the next hour was one a gentle healing and opening of self. I’ve always been a talk therapy person, where thou I get a lot out, I’m often left feeling drained and heavy with emotion. With expressive arts I felt I let a lot come to the surface. Without things having to be heavy or draining.

I’ve never experienced a therapy that had been so gentle, a playful musing of a way to get me to be open to seeing my woes thru a more gentle, nurtured lens. Thank you Karyn for the opportunity to check expressive arts out, and for being such a gentle soul in what was a very hectic day. I would and will recommend Refresh Arts in a heartbeat. For any thing that brings me an inner peace and joy like that is worth it’s weight in gold. Thank you for an eye opening and heart opening experience.
— JK