Culitvating self-compassion

Helping you move from being critical or down on yourself ... into kindness and resilience.

There is nothing to be embarrassed about in reaching out for professional support. We all need help with something in our lives, and some issues aren't comfortable to speak with friends and family about. That's where therapists come in! It's important to find a counsellor that you trust to help you make positive changes in your life. Building up the inner self is equally important to meeting the practical, physical needs. Think of counselling as furnishing your interior world with care and intention.

Counselling sessions are an opportunity to build up confidence that you will overcome life’s storms, whether big or small. Our sessions together will include: Conversation about your story, the challenges you're experiencing, and things I'll challenge you to think about. It's my honour to get to know more about you so that I can assist you in ways that make sense to who you are.
 Often I will invite you to engage in gentle activities that may involve writing, story, play or art. You don’t need to be an artist to benefit from doing some creative activity.
I will give you personally tailored exercises to work on at home, before our next session together.

My presence is: Calm, attentive, affirming, perceptive.

Let's start the conversation as we explore your values, desires, and personal strengths.

Areas of knowledge include:
Family Caregiving -  It is often very physically and emotionally demanding to support  a spouse, aging parent, or family member who has a health condition that limits their abilities. I can help you develop a self-care practice so that you avoid burnout, or regain energy after already reaching your limit.

Anxiety -  Living with anxiety can present itself in many different ways. Whether you have trouble doing daily tasks at work or home, or struggle with bigger decisions and responsibilities- we will work on building your personal toolkit to cope better with stress, let go of worry and self-doubt, and increase your confidence levels. Let's take small steps!

Grief and Loss -  Grief comes about in many forms. Whether you have experienced the death of a loved one, the loss of a career, or the losses that accompany a relationship that has ended; you have a safe place to express your grief. You do not need to walk alone as you experience the many emotions of grief, whether your loss is recent or happened some time ago.

Depression - You may find it hard to get motivated, and feel restricted in the goals and dreams you have for your life. Together we will build resilience so that the ups and downs aren't happening as often, and when they do it's not as noticeable in feeling that you're "stuck". Let's get you re-connected with some inspiration, self-confidence, and hopefulness.

Relationship challenges- Lack of connection and understanding, or conflict between spouses, parent and child, siblings, or friends can be incredibly painful. I'll guide you in communicating more effectively, re-connecting,  and reaching your shared goals.

Acute and chronic health issues - Families and individuals often go through many ups and downs when a loved one has health challenges. Navigating the health system, learning new information about medical care, and managing symptoms and energy levels can put a real strain on important relationships. 

EFAP - Employee and Family Assistance Programs.  I am also trained to work with a brief, solution-focused approach that looks at the whole life of clients and each area of challenge.



Helping you to become a...

Joyful warrior.jpg

Joyful Warrior

  • Discover that you are capable of getting past your anxiety and having a better quality of life.
  • Start your day feeling less worried and more energized.
  • Be confident that you will overcome life’s storms.

Dream Chaser

  • Confidently live what matters to you, and stop focusing on others’ opinions.
  • Have more trust and feel less afraid of changes that happen in your relationships.
  • Confidently choose a direction that fits with who you are, and worry less about what might go wrong with a new endeavour.
  • Shift from drifting in your career to loving what you do.
love builder.jpg

Love Builder

  • Know you are worthy of great things in life, even when you make mistakes.
  • Feel less down on yourself when you mess up.
  • Move from being hard on yourself, to treating yourself with kindness.
  • Accept the times you feel sad, frustrated or discouraged, knowing you won’t stay there forever.



Your time to feel heard.

Come and be supported in discovering what is  causing stress stress, anxiety, fatigue, or self-doubt in your life.
Explore what is holding you back from reaching your life dreams and goals. 

Sessions can help with:
Feeling less worried and more confident and grounded.
 Making decisions that are in line with your values, desires, and authentic self.
Getting you to a place of healthier, more fulfilled living.

$95 per one-hour session
$140 per 90 minute session



Re-discover closeness.

Family members can sometimes use a tune-up in their relationship with eachother. 

Are you going through conflict, tension, or unwanted distance from someone you love?

Explore the factors that may be preventing a deeper connection with eachother.
Gain understanding of eachother and overcome tension or conflict.
Renew a sense of love and support.

$170 per 90 minute session

Pairs counseling.jpg


Re-connect with love and trust.

Your opportunity to explore the strengths and challenges in your relationship while gaining tools to overcome emotional distance, conflict, and unclear direction as a couple.
Reconnect with the sources of love, trust and closeness in your partnership.

Experience more connection and less frustration.

$170 per 90 minute session

 Growth can take time. Committing to your own progress through a number of sessions is beneficial in allowing you to learn and grow in a meaningful and visible way. Many extended healthcare plans such as Blue Cross provide coverage for counselling sessions with a registered clinical counsellor.


Team building.png

Team building

See meaningful change in your team.  Invest in company wellness

Strengthen relationships, work together in more effective ways, adapt to company changes, or re-define your direction as a team.

Team building sessions are valuable for all professionals- in a corporate, community-based, or non-profit context.

Topics to choose from:

Breathe and unwind.  Learn to work together more effectively when sources of conflict exist, by reducing stress and increasing team collaboration.
This is helpful for supporting your team through any kind of change or tension within the company.

Thrive not survive. Strengthen each team member's ability to stay healthy within a demanding work environment. Create a solid foundation for work-life balance that benefits the agency's overall functioning.

Tame the Dragon. Discover valuable ways to deal with workplace stress more effectively, and decrease burnout rates. Staff will learn tools to assist them in bringing a renewed sense of meaning and passion to their work.

Let's talk and see which theme will most benefit your team. It is my pleasure to then tailor the session to your group, for the most meaningful learning experience.

Pricing: $175 per hour, with a 2-hour minimum booking.

Visionboard workshops.png

Visionboard events

Pursue what matters to you the most.

These inspiring events will help you find clarity on what your dreams are, let go of what is blocking your progress, and create positive energy in helping you live a vibrant life that you LOVE.

Option 1: Book a 3 hour home party with your friends or family. This is a superb way to connect with your loved ones on a deeper level, as you create your Visionboard and share your dreams with the group. It's also a chance to find out how you can continue to support eachother on your journeys.

I provide materials, light snacks, and lots of inspiration! Your investment is $350 for up to 10 people. 

Option 2: Join a 6-hour Visionboard workshop that allows you to explore your dreams and desires in a meaningful way. Please see the events page for scheduled dates.

Your investment is $90.

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